The Property Issue- VORTRAG IM HKW

  Florian Hertweck und Andrea Rumpf, Kurator desluxemburgischen Pavillons zur 16. Architekturbiennale, stellen den Luxemburger Beitrag rund um die Problematik der immer knapper werdenden Resource „Baugrund“ vor.

Jonathan Meese @ Radio Arty

Yaneq unterhält sich bei Radio Arty auf FluxFM mit Jonathan Meese über Richard Wagner und die Inszenierung des „Parsifal“.

Splishsplash Finnisage mit Weinprobe

Finnisage der Gruppenausstellung mit: 44Flavours, Axel Anklam, Katharina Arndt, Christian Awe, Wolfgang Flad, Manfred Peckl, Stohead, Katharina Trudzinski, Tatsuhiko Yokoo kuratiert von: Jan Kage

art and technology that will save us – notes from istanbul by Özge Çokgezen

REFİK ANADOL’S – ARCHIVE DREAMING   “Can a machine have dreams“?   YES! With the new project of Refik Anadol, they have dreams now. “Archive Dreaming” is an Artificial Intelligence of immersive media installation visualizing relations, among documents in SALT Research collections. This Research Center; Old Ottoman Bank Salt Galata is also an ottoman museum,

José González with the String Theory

Here are some pictures I took on yesterdays sold out „José González with the String Theory“ concert at Funkhaus Berlin. When José anounced „Cycling Trivialities“ by saying „we recorded this 8 years ago“ he send me on a mental trip down memory lane. 7 years ago we recorded the Gothenburg String Theory with beautiful Swedish musicians.

Burry Ben Patterson

  I met Benjamin Patterson in October 2011 when he was setting up for his „Burry Ben“ performance in Schau Fenster, the art space I run since 2010.