Blood of a Poet

The Blood of a Poet III

Poetry Salon of Danielle de Picciotto

20. September – 20:00 Uhr

Main Stage

Concert, Literature
English and German

Lineup: Babiche Papaya, Hinrik Þór Svavarsson & Martina Bertoni, Sailesh Naidu, Yaneq, Alexander Norton, Käthe Kruse and hackedepicciotto

After both poetry salons from Danielle de Picciotto sold out, we’re thrilled to announce that the third edition is taking place right at the beginning of the season.

Poetry and spoken word are currently experiencing a renaissance: In London, New York, Berlin and Paris, salons have emerged over the past few years, where poetry and literature blend with visuals and music. In a manner similar to the Beat Generation of the 1960s, a countercultural scene is developing today in which the spoken word is at the centre of art. Especially in light of the extraordinary situation that we’ve experienced this year with the COVID-19 pandemic, the constant “fake news”, the Black Lives Matter movement, the still-viral questions of gender and the impending climate catastrophe, there’s a growing need for veracity, and the open declaration of questions and answers. Spoken word challenges, pulls you into it – the days of dry recitations of alternate rhymes are over. The line-up also includes DJ Ragout aka Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten)