Uncle Hong’s Dance Diary

Hong Thai is a dancer and a photographer. For DASARTY Hong publishes his behind the scene impressions of international dance productions on a weekly basis. 
Hong Thai was born in Saigon, Vietnam and arrived in Germany as one of the boat refugees to Berlin in 1981. In the early 1990’s Hong started to dance in the Berlin Breakdance scene and had his first stage experience in the Power Variete Show 92 in the UFA FABRIK Berlin.
Since then Hong Thai performed at variete productions for GOP (Beatz), Wintergarten (Hotel California), Friedrichstadt Palast (YMA), and many more. Furthermore he has participated in dance theater productions for Heike Hennig & Co. in „Maria XXX“, „Gesamt-Gewicht“ and „Crystal (2014)“ along with solo appearances. Together with his own B-Boy Crew „5 Amox“, Hong was successful in international breakdancing contests such as Battle Of The Year and the B-Boy World Championships.
Today Hong is an all-around unique dancer with skills in many styles such as Contemporary and Modern Dance as well as Breakdance and Acrobatics. His outstanding style is a mix of 20 years of self taught dance experience.
Currently Hong Thai dances and choreographs for the world famous Flying Steps and Contemporary Theater Production with a rising passion for photography.
Using his own knowledge of body language, like few others Hong Thai understands to use his camera in the perfect moment when documenting dancers in action. In doing so Hong grants us access to his world.