Groupshow curated by Sarah Zelmati
participating Artists

Katharina Arndt
Anina Brisolla
Ulrike Buhl
Anto Christ
Miriam Lenk
Judith Raum


In art school nobody teaches what you can do afterwards. How to do it. How to become part of the Art World. So you need to find your own way and create it by yourself. You are constantly wondering. About your situation, your future, your artworks and how to speak about them.
How to become confident with yourself and your work.
What do you want to do ?
Who do you want to be ?

I want to do many things. I want to make exhibitions as an artist and as a curator. To be a tattoo artist, customize my car, bring back some Biergarten feeling to France and create an artspace combined with a shared workshop. Where people could use our recovery materials, with many kinds of events like punk concerts, tattoo parties, duck fishing, with a great bar with several kinds of rhum and have a dinosaur as a mascot! I want to be a versatile artist and make art great again!!

It was a perfect opportunity to work in Schau Fenster and KanyaKage with Jan Kage. In those environments I could work and meet many artists.

Some of them helped me in different ways to improve my confidence. They shared experiences with me. They answered some of my questions, we talked about my doubts and our art visions, discussed how they achieved to create their own way, to become artists.
They shared so much with me, and that to me it is like we created a link, whether I met them at work, a few years ago during a workshop or spotted them before and then met them in real life, here. They are all strong women and greats artists. I admire all of them for their sensivity and kindness, their investment and for sure, their artworks.
In this exhibition I chose to unite the artists who inspired me, who brought me most, in short, who were my favorite « Rencontres ». In those moments they were the most amazing to my eyes and now I am so happy to have the opportunity to bring them together in a show, here in Berlin.

Big up to ma Maman, mon Papa et ma mamie


Eröffnung: 2. August 2019, 19-24 Uhr

Opening: 2. August 2019, 19-24H


Raum für Kunst
Lobeckstr. 30-35 – 10969 Berlin
U8/M29 Moritzplatz

Laufzeit: 3 & 4. August, 15 – 18 Uhr und nach Absprache

Opening hours: 3 & 4. August, 15 – 18h or by appointment