Check out the Party Arty Army Mixtape

C&G combine years of professional DJ & production work in hiphop and electronic dance music. They met back in the days of 2003 through CORDs first instrumental hiphop records (under the name of „Schall“) and GAUCHOs regular parties in the Ruhr Area („Cuts for Cats“). Invading Berlin almost at the same time their first collaboration was a series of mash-up records under the name of BROKEN BOOTLEGS.And that’s when CORD got busy with 4×4 electronic dance music as one half of ROBOSONIC. Since he kept working dancefloors from Buenos Aires to Miami, from Milano to the woods of German hinterland.Finally in mid 2011 the passion for 808 bass and the bum-bum-tschak brought C&G back to the lab again. They digged and cut and created a bass driven hiphop fused soundscape that lead straight into this recording.

First heard in April 2011 at the PARTY ARTY event – known for the progressive impact in arts & music – it now fits car stereos, ballers boom boxes & the filthy bedroom of Diego Maradona.

The C&G mixtape is powered by BERLIN KREUZBERG INSTITUT  and Cords trademark for the towelling scarf named PUNCHI! Spread the word.