Notes from Istanbul by Özge Çokgezen

Bang. Art & Innovation Prix İstanbul

The sudden emergence of new inventions in the nineteenth century has now left its place to the term „art“ „innovation“ and „new“ with the advance of technology. The top agenda item of most companies is to find creative ideas and innovative solutions.

bang. Art Innovation Prix has been organized by ArtBizTech in order to foster innovation projects inspired by art. It aims to support the productions of young artists and students from different disciplines such as fine arts, engineering, design, genetics, with technological and scientific elements.  Their works have been evaluated on data art, bio art, hybrid art and new media sections.

The prix has multiple steps; at first election declares the winners of bang. prix, than bangers start to build their projects with mentors which are artists, academics and business and technology professionals.

bang.ers (winners of the election) are inspiring new products and solutions in the high tech fields such as big data, block chain, iot, genetics and robotics.



Ali Al Samarei – Andre Karge & Gökçen Dilek Açay – Ayşe Hilal Ateş – Berk Yüksel – Didem Toy & Esra Çomu – Elif Esen & Neşe Topcuoğlu – Ersin Öztürk – Hasan İlkan Cebeci – Merve Güzel & Oğuz Emre Bal – Murat Can Kurşun – Oğuz Emre Bal – Özcan Saraç – Özgür Ballı – SM Abdullah Al Mamun



Oracle San Francisco Senior Director Aylin Uysal, multimedia and installation artist Ayşe Gül Süter,  Akbank Executive Vice President Burcu Civelek Yüce, artist and founder of  NOHlab Candaş Şişman, İTÜ Computer Engineering Human Robot Interaction Doç. Dr. Hatice Köse, Koç Holding Innovation Coordinator Murat Peksavaş, MIT Media Lab Researcher Pınar Yanardağ and Artist, Academician, Designer and Musician Selçuk Artut.



Özge Çokgezen