This beautiful summer show is a Trockenbau & Konzeptkunst Enterprise

This beautiful summer show is a Trockenbau & Konzeptkunst Enterprise

Eröffnung: 5. August 2022 |
Laufzeit: 06.08.2022 -
Öffungszeiten: Werktags, nach Vereinbarung
kuratiert von: Lukasz Furs
Eintritt: Eintritt frei
Ort: SCHAU FENSTER, Lobeckstr. 30-35 (U8/M29 Moritzplatz), Raum fur Kunst 10969 Berlin
Kontakt: Lukasz Furs 017662458673

Trockenbau & Konzeptkunst is a project created by Lukasz Furs in 2017. We started with T-Shirts commenting on the Art-World and sometimes making funny little jokes about it. We’ve grown older, our minds went bigger. We are still funny and still do jokes but also make Shows now! This is the 3rd Show we are putting together, this time under the Title „Cosmic Engines of Metaphysical Superpower“.

Just check the lineup.

We will show works by Barbara Prenka, a great young female artist from Kosovo; One of the greatest participants in the floating Berlin Art Scene – Anja Schwörer; Vladimir Mitrev a video artist born in Sofia / Bulgaria, but has lived in Berlin for a long time, now on display back in Berlin; Arne Schreiber a Berlin local, there will be a site specific wall drawing you shouldn’t miss – you‘d better save the date, and there’s me, Lukasz, I’m writing this text right now and better stop here.

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