kuratiert von: René Holm
Ort: SCHAU FENSTER, Lobeckstr. 30-35 (U8/M29 Moritzplatz), Raum fur Kunst 10969 Berlin

Pre / Past can be something that happend 1 minute ago, an hour, week or years, it can also be something that will happen in a minute and etc, so pre past, have and will change your life every day, the way we live, where we live, who we meet and who we loose! So life events will change your life in a split second, like seperations, divorce, death, accident, disses, family, and of course corona! All things we can’t plan and don’t know and expect every morning when we wake up, but they will happen, and they will change your life! How you feel, think and work! Curated by Danish Artist Rene’ Holm, who lives and works in Denmark and Berlin

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