Gänsehaut Tiripo

Eröffnung: 31. März 2023 |
- 23:59 Uhr
Laufzeit: 01.04.2023 -
Öffungszeiten: Werktags, nach Vereinbarung
kuratiert von: , Groupshow curated by Eli Nyakudya
Eintritt: Eintritt frei
Ort: SCHAU FENSTER, Lobeckstr. 30-35 (U8/M29 Moritzplatz), Raum fur Kunst 10969 Berlin
Kontakt: jan@kanyakage.com and eli.nyakudya@gmail.com,

Storytelling through the works of, Al Varo, Ally, and Baskwa- three incredibly talented artists of African heritage. Despite coming from different parts of Africa and living in different parts of Europe, these artists share a common passion for exploring the complexities of identity, culture, and migration through contemporary art.

This exhibition is not just about showcasing the incredible talent of these artists, but also about challenging traditional narratives and celebrating the diversity of African perspectives.

Through their unique lenses, Al Varo, Ally, and Baskwa invite us to see Africa in new and exciting ways, challenging our preconceived notions and inspiring us to think critically about the world around us.

*„Tiripo“ is a shona word that means „we are present“ 

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