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Initiator*innen: Max Dax
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Ort: SCHAU FENSTER, Lobeckstr. 30-35 (U8/M29 Moritzplatz), Raum fur Kunst 10969 Berlin

FRIDAY, January 12, an extraordinary group show with new and old paintings by u.d. bauer, Clement Page, Thomas Scheibitz, Bettina Scholz and Henning Strassburger will open at Schau Fenster, Lobeckstraße 30-35. The group show’s title EXTERRITORIALE SITUATION highlights the close ties between Santa Lucia Galerie der Gespräche and Schau Fenster in Berlin. All the participating painters have exhibited at Santa Lucia Galerie der Gespräche in the past.The show was curated by Max Dax: “In dark and uncertain times, the mysteriousness, precision and utopian power of painting reminds us of the human ability to overcome crises. When I curate, I always imagine the situation at night, when the paintings are alone among themselves. They spend a lot of time together, and in their splendid passivity they become silent sources of inspiration. To me, the paintings presented in the EXTERRITORIAL SITUATION 95 contain a gravity that is pure, imaginary and yet complex.“Exquisite honk-squeak music will be provided by DJ André Vida. Doors open on Friday, January 12, 7pmx.

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