MARCH 810 2019

An exhibition by Design Lab students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam.


Works by:

Carl Johan Ulrik Jacobsen 

Simon Marsiglia 

Bea Vancaillie 

Célia Nabonne

Jeanne Tresvaux du Fraval

Nadja Schlenker

Minjoo Choi

Tom Vincent

Ruben Raven

Kiran Hinde

Julia Lok

Leoke van Geffen

Daniel Slats

We are headed towards a future where the majority of people will live in giant cities. Where humans have urbanized more than half of the earth’s surface and much of the rest is covered in farms and fields to feed those cities. Humans have colonized plant and animal habitats to expand their own; rearranging the earth’s biodiversity in drastic ways. Influencing the earth’s climate, species, and surface structure. As we move through this anthroposcenic era, how will plants and animals adapt? Drawing inspiration from climate change, invasive species, mythology and more, to feed our fiction of future evolution and to imagine how our relationship

to these creatures will evolve.


We are a group of students on the border between art and design. Before entering our final year, we have been working up to this exhibition with interests in creatures and the environment. Using science fiction and design history studies as tools to develop ideas, we have developed a keen interest in environmental speculative design and how art and design can communicate these topics to a wide audience.


Exhibition Times:

Opening Friday, 8 March 2019


With Food, Drinks & DJ (Andre Henneberg)


Exhibition Day 1, Saturday, 9 March 2019


Guided Tour 16:00-17:00


Exhibition Day 2, Sunday, 10 March 2019


Guided Tour 16:00-17:00

Closing Animal Auction 18:00-20:00


Location: Schau Fenster

Lobeckstraße 30-35, 10969 Berlin