Various & Gould

The artist duo Various & Gould’s can be seen all over Berlin since many years. But not only here, in Paris, Lisbon, Istanbul, basically all over Europe their work can be found glued onto the cities’ walls (or painted onto them in huge murals).

Their trademark pieces are colourful silkprints that deal with socially prominent themes such as work, migration, (sexual) identity, death and the current financial crisis, in a playful, intuitive manner. These issues are the basic artistic motives of Various & Gould and they are inseparable from the strong and recognizable aesthetic component of the duos work.

Working in close collaboration since 2005, mutual passions that include their love of paper, enthusiasm for accidental beauty in everday life and art in urban space form the core of their artistic practice. Whilst methods of screenprinting and collage are their speciality, they have recently begun experimenting with public performance and installations.

As a curator Various also played an important role in Berlin’s Street Art or Urban Art scene by putting together the annual “Paper Girl” shows, bringing together many artists and players in bigger groupshows and later distributing the exhibited art works for free.

The immanent and immediate force of their work Various & Gould’s results on the one end from the quality of their art itself and then inseparably from the social and political issues it deals with and that inspires and drives this artistic duo.


For a portfolio of available original art works please send an email to info@schau-fenster.info