Il-Jin “Atem” Choi

Il-Jin “Atem” Choi is able to redefine our understanding of space through his works. Although he transformed his visual forms of expression in a constant process and currently studies in Tobias Rehberger’s class at the renowned Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, his background in the graffiti scene appears to be always present.

In his youth Il-Jin Choi made himself a recognized name under his pseudonym “Atem”  in the graffiti scene. His work was documented in several magazines then. The narrow parameters of the subculture though became too tight for an artist that is constantly questioning his means of production and expression. From his graffiti years though he kept his vision for space and architecture and how to use these within a body of art.

The very basic graphic figure of the line for example is one of the elements Il-Jin “Atem” Choi is constantly exploring. Conceptual art is another influence for some of Il-Jin “Atem” Choi’s projects such as the “Brennstoffzelle” (fuel cell), a series realized in collaboration with Stefan Becker-Schmitz in which the two artists transform complete rooms and flats into poetic objects by covering them in total with yellow post it stickers: Floor, walls, ceiling, table, dishwasher et al.

Il-Jin “Atem” Choi’s work coalesces architecture with scripture on paper and arranges the illusion of structural engineered typography. His major aim is to make tangible a narrative or physical sphere. To create this experience for the participant, Il-Jin “Atem” Choi  uses different materials and cooperates with various artists as the work requires. The public space interventions vary from subtle to large scale installations or polychromatic murals. In practice Il-Jin “Atem” Choi investigates all opportunities to depict or rework the concept of space.


For a portfolio of available original art works please send an email to info@schau-fenster.info