Anton Unai

Born from nothing
Anton Unai is a painter and installation artist. His work is applied rapidly with force in an effort to show feelings and emotions of euphoria, disenchantment, satisfaction and defeat. Magic and mystery, ground zeroism, genesis, the lack of possibilities. His paintings are gesturally, non-geometrically with DIY brushes made out of shoes, boxing gloves, worker pads, sometimes dripping and throwing objects onto the canvas. In this sense you might call Unai a new expressionist.

Anton Unai calls the material he uses to built his installations „golden trash“ and is putting himself into the tradition of Arte Povera. A strong dependence on accidents and chances is a reoccurring technique of Unai. Allthough it looks like a musicians improvisation Unais process of production is actually highly super planned with precision. “I am concerned with adopting always dramatic, on the edge, violent as well as mystical states of consciousness.

Usually there was no effort to represent subject matter. Not all work was abstract, nor was all work expressive, the spontaneity has released the creativity of an unconscious mind. The expressive method has to be considered as important as the painting itself… voilá.”
The physicality of the painting, the clotted dirty studio objects, dark and light surfaces are the key to understand the piece as an existential struggle. The artists paintings and collages are often times combined with words and phrases being used as a form of artistic diary.

Anton Unai trancsends the borders of Urban Art. By taking inspiraton from art history in many forms he created his very own expression not really needing a box to be put in. Born in London, raised in Spain, living in Berlin Anton Unai is as cosmopolitan as it gets.


For a portfolio of available original art works please send an email to info@schau-fenster.info