Anina Brisolla – Space Mining @SMAC





Eröffnung: 31.05.18 | 19 Uhr

Laufzeit: 01.06.18 – 24.06.18

Wo: @SMAC Linienstraße 57, 10119 Berlin


„space mining“ denotes the concept of mining raw materials in space. Optimistic scientists predict that in twenty years‘ time, it will be likely possible to apply those techniques.

„space mining“ would then have a tremendous effect on the global economy. It seems only a matter of time before the next gold rush. The quest for resources has always inspired the human spirit – and attempts to pursue them have had a lasting impact on human history.

Globalisation has mapped the world anew and revealed the finitude of raw materials. It remains to be seen, which pattern the ever-increasing use of the universe by private sectors will follow. „space mining“ must therefore seem to its actors to be consistent with the progress of history – a logical progression for humans‘ economic benefit, and a development that also promises large profits.

It is at this point at which Anina Brisolla’s „space mining“ exhibition begins, offering an artistic reflection on the topic and questioning the motives of the actors involved.