Stohead’s artistic passion is to depict the art of writing, which is displayed throughout his oeuvre. Scripture transports information, provokes thoughts and emotions, which coalesce and are then permanently preserved on paper. However, scripture can turn into an aesthetic masterpiece when using the skill of calligraphy. It is this very process combined with the code of the streets that characterize Stohead’s creative work.

These codes are composed of lyrics from songs, texts, and or keywords of relevant social issues decoded and organized by the artist. The arrangement diverts readability and leaves the beholder with the impact of colour figure, and shape. When the viewer starts to decipher the codes they will be confronted with subtitle references to socio-critical themes and poetical discourse in daily world affairs.

The quite aggressive diction in Stohead’s calligraphies evolves from his disillusions, anger, and feelings toward a generation that is overburdened with technology. Stohead represents his cultural identity by seeking inspiration from the Hip-Hop and Punk music scene. He uses their urban vocabulary as a main source of inspiration for his work.

Obviously rooted in grafitti culture Stohead advanced his style by extensively studying arabic and far eastern caligraphy. There is a contemplative element both in the ways one can regard Stoheads work as in the way the artist produces his canvasses. The process of writing with his self designed markers and brushes reminds of the meditative moment of chinese caligraphy. You can call it a B Boys meditation.

In his more recent works the Urban Artist evolved his style by diffusing the written information in a mist of colourful clouds. These paintings gained him international recognition with shows in Switzerland, Franceand  the USA to name a few. Stohead also designes objects.


For a portfolio of available original art works please send an email to info@schau-fenster.info