KLUB7 is an artist collective representing a fresh, handcrafted style bringing urban and indoor landscapes to life. Bound together by their background in the Urban Art and Graffiti scene, the six KLUB-members Dani Daphne, Diskorobot, Kid Cash, Lowskii, Mike Okay and Otto Baum have been working together since 1998 when they met studying at the art school of Halle.

Being part of the early Street Art scene that was flourishing around these years aorund Europe (and the rest of the world of course) the six young artists teamed up under the common name KLUB7 and enthusiastically contributed their styles in the egalitarian visual exchange that defined the Street Art scene then. They quickly established themselves as a relevant figure and collectively mooved to Berlin, then already not only the capital of Germany but also the hub of young art internationally.

Each of them developing their own trademark style ranging from illustration to typography and from handcrafted to editorial. At the same time each one of  the artists is constantly working on his individual body of work and expanding his/her style. KLUB7 creates murals and illustrations in a collaborative group performance, always interacting with each other’s skills. Based in Berlin and Halle, KLUB7 spread their style throughout the world, exhibiting and performing their artwork in cities such as New York City, Paris, Jerusalem and Amsterdam.

The charming characters, the stylish forms and the state of the art calligraphy and lettering KLUB7 deploys gained them a loyal fan base over the many years. It also transports their spirit that expresses positiveness and playfulness in big formats such as huge facades of up to twelve story apartment buidings in East Berlin’s Hellersdorf or little formated drawings. Their work always carries the joy of working together with each artist being a unique entity that contributes to the big collective.


For a portfolio of available original art works please send an email to info@schau-fenster.info